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TCGs Greatest Hits: When To Hold em, When To Scold em

April 24, 2017

For those of you who don’t know, I began my illustrious (illustrious means “googling exes while watching Ghost World”, right?) writing career by chronicling my adventures in retail at the blog, The Checkout Girl. The site is offline for now, but the thought of my stories sitting around, collecting dust, makes me sad, so I’ll be sharing my favorites here, on Mondays.

I was playing checkout girl today, due to two people having a case of the Mondays and calling out. I was generally annoyed, because while I was standing there, waiting for Granny Molasses to remember her PIN, there was nothing being accomplished over in floral and Monday is a busy day. That being said, I shouldnt have done it. I know that. But, I couldnt help it.

The customer after Granny had struck up a conversation with the woman standing in line behind her. It was apparent that they didnt know each other, but were doing some superquick bonding. You know, the way girls do. Anyway, as I started to tally her groceries, one of my female coworkers walked up and was standing back, obviously waiting for me to finish the transaction before telling me whatever it was she came over for. I wrapped up scanning her purchases as she plopped her expensive handbag on the counter and continued the conversation she was having with the other woman, Oh, god, I cant even IMAGINE having to work. What kind of mom has a child and gives it to someone else to take care of?

Yes, yes I did. I said, pointing first to myself and then my coworker, Well, were both moms. She was completely nonplussed. I mean, what was there to say? I interrupted the extremely uncomfortable (and seemingly neverending) silence to hand her the credit card receipt and chirped, a little too brightly, Thanks for coming, I hope you have a GREAT afternoon. She walked out without saying anything more and the next woman was silent as I completed her transaction and took myself off the floor for a few minutes and gave sassyme a good scolding.

I am not proud of what I did. This is not *that* post. I am embarrassed and disappointed by my behavior. It was unprofessional and generally unlike me.

Moving on.

Also, it’s Monday, which means it’s time for a new Off the Clock over at RVA News. This week, nipples and Speidi. But not Speidis frankennipples. Even Ive got my limits.

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