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Run And Tell That, Homeboy

June 14, 2017

So, Ive agreed to guest star with Richmond Comedy Coalition for one night, to tell my stories on stage. Its secretly been a dream of mine, but the reality has already been responsible for a whole lotta stress poops. Its this Thursday at 8pm. If you are local, please come and convince me that this is not the worst mistake Ive ever made. Or enjoy my blaze of glory. Whichever

Also, its Monday, which means a new Off The Clock column over at RVA News. As I found myself explaining to the eleventy millionth person what I meant by double rainbow all the way! I knew that I had to write about internet memes. Sadly, that was a couple of weeks ago and, as Chaucer said, Time and tide wait for no man. So, I am pleased to add to my awesome list the latest and greatest meme: Bed Intruder Song. Get it while its hot, then get on over and read my column.

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